Sensible engineering for thermal and process systems

We propose concepts and conduct research-based development of  thermal cycles and processes for renewable based energy systems

About Us

At Sensible Energy, we conduct highly specialized engineering within applied thermodynamics and process engineering.


We contribute to the development process of products and services by modelling, designing and optimizing components and processes. Whether we act as an integrated partner with existing R&D departments, or as an independent development team, we can contribute from idea to market entrance.


Sensible Energy is specialized in heat engines with mixed natural working fluids. These include  refrigeration and cryogenic applications, heat pumps and power production from waste heat sources. We also design process equipment and sub-processes to be used in renewable energy clusters and Power-to-X. 

Examples of R&D Contributions

Development of process equipment

Specific design of equipment to satisfy  processes and mechanical design. 


Examples of equipment include:

  • Heat transfer equipment e.g. shell and tube heat exchangers and coils in vessels.
  • Design of Coldbox for cryogenic systems
  • Reactors and vessels for solids and liquids.

Pyrolysis plant design

Research and development of a process system and a range of thermal sub-systems to accomodate pyrolysis of various waste plastics. 

Examples of tasks include:

  • Development of a numerical model of the pyrolysis gas procceses in the system. 
  • Devopment of a process to purify the different products of the pyrolysis plant.

Organic Rankine Cycle for cogeneration using medium temperature heat from solar collectors

Conceptual development and design of a cost efficient medium temperature transcritical Organic Rankine Cycle. 

Design characteristics

  • Heat souce temperature as high as 300 °C
  • Combined heat & power generation for district heating systems
  • Design based on availability of serially produced components
  • Low CAPEX design (approx 5000 EUR/kWe)